Edwin G. Bokert, Ph.D.
Clinical Psychologist

30 Woodland Road
Maplewood, NJ
(973) 762-6036

“Every time I think I have my life figured out, something changes.”

Change comes at us in many forms, in a rush, like a wave, or slowly, like a glacier. It may come in the form of a loss, or as an opportunity. Often, uninvited change, made necessary through loss, change can create great stress. Dr. Ed Bokert is a highly trained and experienced psychologist who has helped many individuals to cope with the pain and difficulty they experience as a result of the need for change. Here are four areas where my help has given individuals the personal comfort and guidance required to move through the necessary changes.

Aging brings a raft of changes. Aging may compromise our ability to move about, to continue working, to enjoy favorite activities or even to continue to live in our home These changes may be imposed by outside forces, such as a mandatory retirement age or an illness. And as we age we frequently experience loss that heightens the stress associated with aging.

Grief and Loss is experienced through the loss of a loved one, person or pet. But there are many other sources of loss: Loss of a career, loss of standing in the community or work place, loss of friendships. Even positive changes can create a sense of loss. For example, a promotion that requires relocating away from family and friends.

Divorce is a cataclysmic change. Whether you or your partner initiates the divorce it results in a significant disruption of family relationships. It can also effect relations in your social and business interactions.

Substance abuse can be devastating and the necessary changes hard to achieve. Specific treatment will vary depending on whether the individual is using legal or illegal drugs. The degree of addiction and length of time the person has been addicted will impact the individualized treatment. Another variable is whether the patient is acting alone or is being influenced by a group. In any event, the treatment will be a test of the capacity for self-discipline.

Resolution of necessary changes. Dr. Bokert has had great success in guiding many individuals through the steps necessary to resolve stressful change and to return his patients to a sense of wellbeing. The best way to see if he can help you is to call him, meet him and have a conversation with him about what your specific concerns. He will be pleased to meet you at his home office, or to speak with you on the phone. Call him at (973) 762-6036

Curriculum Vitae
Edwin G Bokert, PhD

Dr. Bokert received his undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate training at New York University (NYU). His PhD thesis "The Effect of Thirst on Dreams," won the NYU award for best thesis in Science in the year that it was published. This award is given schoolwide, that is to say it won over all other theses published that year in any school or department of Science orSocial Science at NYU. His achievement was also acknowledged in the Creative Talent Awards given by Science Magazine.

Following his graduation, Dr. Bokert embarked on a tripartite career. He continued to do research, eventually publishing nine articles in peer-reviewed journals. At the same time, he worked as a clinician for several mental health agencies, most notably the Family Services and Child Guidance Center of Orange, Maplewood and Millburn, New Jersey. He rose to occupy the joint positions of Director of Research and, Director of the Drug Abuse Programs. Dr. Bokert also maintained a private practice in his home office. His patients presented a wide range of chronology, emotional status and diagnostic conditions.

Since his retirement from Family Service, Dr. Bokert continues to see private Patients at his home office in Maplewood.